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Food For All

With schools shut down, education isn’t the only thing that students are missing out on. For a lot of families that send their children to public schools, it’s lunch as well. Apply to be an ambassador to ensure that no families need to struggle feeding their children during this time – an issue that shouldn’t be piled on to the curveballs already thrown at us.

Not all public schools in the U.S. are providing meals for students – something that has left public school families stranded in regards to how to simply feed their children. With all the issues that COVID-19 has brought to our homes, food should not be one of them. We founded this program to ensure that all those families in need of food receive their essentials through working with local organizations. The project will be carried out through a fundraiser, from where the funds will be funnelled to relative organizations.


H O W  T O  G E T  I N V O L V E D

Here is what you need to do:


1) Apply to become an ambassador for this project so that we know you are leading this for your school!


​2) Use websites such as GoFundMe and more to form the online fundraiser – make sure to choose one that you won’t have a hard time navigating!


3) Spread the word through announcements at your school, and through any outside-of-school networks that you have (family, sports, etc.)

4) Find an organization/response fund that ensures children get necessary food. For example, one in Chicago is the Greater Chicago Food Depository (No Kid Hungry)

5) Donate 100% of the funds collected to the organization(s) you chose.

6) Keep in touch with the organizations to keep track of how many people your funds helped.

7)Reach out to if you have any questions!

Become an ambassador for this project at your school

Any Questions? Ask here.

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