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Donate to one of our many different approaches to battle issues regarding food that the coronavirus has brought!

No Kid Hungry works to provide money to schools and community programs that ensure that they do their best to provide each child a meal during these unprecedented times. Donate to any of the following links in order to help No Kid Hungry.

Alyson Ludden's project.

Sonia Tadavarthy's project.

Charlotte Henderson's project.

Donate to Catherine Colbert's project in order to help out the Capital Area Food Bank, which provides over 30 million meals to those across Washington DC / DMV.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository ​helps ensure that fewer Chicagoans have to struggle with food insecurity during this challenging time. One dollar can help to purchase the equivalent of three meals for a person in need.

Jai Devnani's project.

Jake Phillips' project.

Donate to Imaan Zaheer's project in order for her to match donations to organizations that will provide children with food during the COVID-19 pendemic.

Donate to William Tan's project in order to help out Soul & Smoke, an organization that has distributed over 13,000 meals since March 17th. They deliver about 200 meals daily in Evanston to those affected by COVID-19, in addition to providing meals to frontline workers. 

Donate to Zyna Merchant's project in order to contribute to Feeding America. Feeding America is an organization that helps out those who will turn to food banks for much-needed support, whether their school closures, job disruptions, or health risks. 

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