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Teenage Blogs and Isolation

Using Blogs to Defeat Isolation in Quarantine

Teenage blogs in quarantine are up and running on the COVID-TV platform. It is a way for teens to let others know what they are doing and how they handle these trying times. Almost all of the teens had to cancel Spring Break plans, summer plans, and those who were on schedule to graduate had to cancel ceremonies and the entire graduation itself. For many, heartbreak became a way of life over the last several months. Many teens find a relief pressure valve in writing, and teenage blogs in quarantine became popular as they wrote their hearts out in blog posts. Some went through the transition smoothly, while others had a much more difficult time. As you read these blog posts, it was clear to see the emotional pain and stress pour forth in the words that were shared. Many spoke about how they missed the sense of "normalcy," the way life was before the lockdowns took place.

Isolation support for teens became famous all over the world in different forms. Those who were around someone with the virus or had the virus themselves found themselves in total isolation. Many teenagers started to feel bored, anxious, and depressed. Being a teenager is already hard enough, and it is a time where many experiment with their identity and explore their interests. The COVID-19 pandemic only added more stress, isolation, and a feeling a betrayal or unfairness. There is no doubt this pandemic affected all teenagers, both mentally and emotionally. At Covid-TV we aim to give teens a free space to share their thoughts and heartbreak about the pandemic. Through blog posts and submissions, our goal is to connect teens with others to try and combat the feelings of isolation in quarantine. 

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