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Why a Blog

Teen Blogs Are the Journals of Today's Youth

Many teens keep a diary or a journal of their everyday life and write about the events, or how they feel. The whole world, in general, seems to head toward writing blog posts. COVID-TV's posts can be used as an archive of the teen experience in the pandemic. These top teen blogs found their way into the hearts of everyone. The blogs explain how most teens had to reverse course on their everyday lives and start new routines to comply with what became demanded all over the world. 

A teen isolation blog is a way for teens to tell others what their new way of life has become. For some, it was not as bad as others. The lucky ones took time to slow down from their fast-paced lives. They enjoyed walks and talks with their parents and became closer to their immediate families. However, in some cases, teenagers felt alone and disconnected from the outside world. A teen isolation blog became the best form of storytelling from a teen's perspective. Those who wrote blog posts found themselves easier to cope with their surroundings and the circumstances. It was a wake-up call to become grateful for the lives they had before and to stop taking things for granted. No matter the experience teens had, it ended up on Covid-TV.  Our page is like a public journal of the teen experience.

Online blogs like Covid-TV are the primary resources of the future. We are publishing the first hand stories of teen survivors of Covid-19, and sharing their experiences with the world. 

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